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Real Online Jobs That Pay You Real Money

We are in 2020 and our life is changing silently at greater speed. People's mindset has changed along with the lifestyle they live. Traditional lifestyle is almost out of trend. In present, almost every person wants to live their life conveniently at their own terms. Thanks to the world wide web, it has made everything easy to access with one tap. Gone are the days when we used to believe, physical hard work is must to earn money. Now almost every person wants to earn money sitting comfortably at home, enjoying their coffee while earning money. Online jobs has brought a lot of advantages for the people. One can earn a money while being at home. It has also brought a scope for housewives who couldn't go out or have to leave their career for their family's responsibility. Real online jobs has made many women independent for their financial need.

Here I am providing 8 online jobs that can guarantee income.

1. Freelance Writing 

Freelance writing is high in demand. You really don't need a degree to become freelance writer. Any person who wish to work from home can do this job can apply for freelance writing without having a significant experience in writing. However, one must enjoy writing since creativity is important.
There are many websites who are always in need of a content writer and in exchange pays decent cheque. Usually pay depends upon the niche you are choosing, Content length and presentation. 

2. Online Tutoring 

Online tutoring doesn't need prior teaching experience. If you have an interest in tutoring, you can pick up the subject in which you have highest qualification and more knowledge and interact with the students via webcam, Skype or by phone. 
Online tutoring allows flexible timing, you can work as per mutually agreed time. You can work from home or anywhere. Only requirement is, you should have computer with internet access. Many of the educational companies and education institutions are hiring online tutors. Many people prefer to work with company because they can get job quickly rather than waiting for a job. 
The pay for elementary level subjects will be less than higher studies subjects. Earnings depends upon how much time you are spending on online tutoring. More hours you are ready to spend, the more money you get.

3. Virtual Recruiter

Recruitment is never ending career. It is an important part of hiring process for any company. 
The old staffing agency model is getting replaced by virtual recruiter. Many staffing agencies prefers recruiter who can work from home. This change has brought more advantages for recruiters as well as for staffing agencies. Recruiter can work from home and earn high commission. Whereas staffing agency wont require to create an office setup for their employees. 
There is no formal education required for this job. With experience or with formal training one can get hold on recruitment process. Communication and negotiation skills are must. You should have thorough understanding about the recruitment field you have chosen. 
With serious interest you work in virtual recruitment can make you stand out in the job market and you will able to make good social contacts.

4. Web Designing

Web designing is the process of developing website. Freelancers who are working as a web designer are earning a good income through web designing. 
Today's world is ruled by web. Web designing is important for companies who wants to open their websites or wants to update their website. 
It is one of the fascinating career, specially if you are creative, then this job can bring you success. There are many web designing courses offline and online or even free online classes which are giving tutorials on web designing. 
People prefer to work full time as well as pursue freelancing. For freelancer there is no scheduled time. They can work with their comfort at any time from home. Commitment is most integral part in web designing career. A serious web designer always believe to deliver his work on committed time. 
You can take projects/ assignment from self visit to client's office or online. There are many bidding sites which provide projects for freelancer. Also many online job portals display ads about requirement of freelancer for web designing.
After gaining experience, in future you can start your own web designing company.

5. YouTube channel

YouTube has developed itself into a leading platform. It has became successful in building career of creative people. 
People are attracted so much towards YouTube that, they have left their successful career to become a YouTuber.
If you are looking for flexible working and want to express yourself, then you can become a Youtuber and also earn money through YouTube.
Monetizing YouTube channel takes some time. You can grow your channel and increase your subscribers and their by viewers of your channel by interacting with your subscribers, engaging with other Youtubers, participating in giveaway and other activities.
If you have skills to create an interesting content and you are good at seeking attention, you can become a successful Youtuber. 

6. Online reselling

Online re-sellers are increasing every year as it helps to earn viable income. 
There are many online product selling sites who are preferring people who can work from home. you can become online re-seller by joining these firms and thereby selecting particular product and sell it of your own. You can create ideas to sell the product. You can earn by selling online through sources from Facebook, WhatsApp or so on. Once you get successful in selling the product, particular commission from the final product amount will be credited in your bank.
Reselling job can generate descent income and you can work as per your schedule and how to earn more from it, will depend upon you.

7. Blog writing

Blogging has not just remained as a hobby but people have started taking blogging as a career.
If you want to start something of your own, blogging is one of the option that you can start from anywhere.With blogging you can get successful and earn income. 
Some of the must have skill set is writing skills, social media marketing and zest to learn.
Blogging can be done from anywhere you are. And by using right skills you can become a successful blogger.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be started without much hassle. Online platform has the wide range of marketing from where affiliate marketing is very easy to do. You can do affiliate marketing on your blog, website or even on your YouTube channel.
If you are looking for online job which can give you some real quick money then this is one of the best choice. You'll get rewards on each referrals brought through your efforts. In short, you will get paid commission once the visitor or customer makes a purchase by clicking the link provided by you on your site. 


These are perfect online jobs for housewives, stay at home moms or for those who are not interested in 9-5 jobs. Patience is required as these jobs might not start earning immediately. But once started, it will keep on growing. Apart from mobile, laptop and internet connection, you are required to keep your mind conscious to flow the ideas and knowledge about how you can keep your business growing.

What are your views about the post? Do you have any more online jobs in mind that can help people to make real money by working online? Please share them in the comments.

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