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Highest Paying Jobs That Will Have High Demand In Future

Job Market is expected to undergo radical changes over the next few years. The majority of jobs lost will be white-collar office and administrative. The reason for this would be future machines are going to replace the job of human beings. Automation will increasingly impact on many of the professions in the coming years.

According to reports, by 2030 Automation and Artificial Intelligence will lift productivity and economic growth. And millions of people may need to switch occupations or upgrade their skills. 

However, there are some professions that cannot be replaced by automated machines.

These job categories are expected to grow in the future :

1. Data Analyst

According to the World Economic report, data analyst jobs will be high in demand in the future. It is expected to have a greater demand since data analyst helps in managing and analyzing the data generated by technology. And this data are increasing every year hence, the role of data analyst has become very important.

2. Software Developer

Software engineer/ developer/ designer who are connected with coding and creating products online. They are going to be in high demand because there are industries that are emerging and this profession is not just booming up every year but even their salaries are also counted in one of the highest-paid professionals.

3. Medicine

This profession has been growing really high. Compared to 2010, there is a 26% growth in this profession in 2019. By 2040 we are expected to generate seven hundred thousand more jobs. 

We, humans, are getting more aware of healthy living, our life expectancy will increase and a normal life expectancy of a human will be up to 80-90 years. There will be more need of not just doctors but also of caretakers, home nurses, psychologists, chemists, and of many other streams that fall into medicine line.
This profession has developed and will be developing more than expected to benefit humans. If you have an interest in medicines, go ahead without doubting its future.

3. Creative profession

Creative professions are those where human skills are important. This includes photography/ blogging/ content creator. 

A lot of jobs are getting automated. But creative professions are going to thrive because automation has not developed yet to that extent where they can produce something creative. 
They can help humans to create a photograph or create a video with a machine but they haven't reached a human being level where they can feel the beauty of nature or understand creativity.
So the people who want to pursue their career into blogging/ photography or content creator, they are going to have a bright future.

4. Product Designer

One of the top skills that will be high in demand will be a product designer. According to the report, this will occur because many jobs will be monotonous. This occupation that is set to increase is that of product designers specifically commercial and industrial designers. These are the people that design and develop products like car appliances gadgets and they are a must for the auto or manufacturing industries.

5. Sales

Sales are one of the prime department for every company. Without a salesperson, none of the products will sell, even if the department reaches the customer. When it comes to customer service, companies try to give the best experiences to their customers since each customer matters to them, and this experience only human beings with skills can give. None of the chatbots can provide that. 
Every year sales jobs are increased by 16%. And again if we compare 2015 to 2025, we're going to have 700,000 more openings on these positions.
Sales are one of the profession which will have 100% future growth.

6. Education

Education is a must for any person to achieve their dream and develop themselves as an educated person. Over the years, education has evolved itself so much that it is available online and many of the tutorials/coachings are using the internet to reach the students. Education has not restricted itself to a certain age. People of any age are pursuing studies. There are people who are learning new languages, skills which are helping them to grow their thinking and develop their skills.
The role of the teacher is given more importance in creating the future of the students. 
In the future, traditional education may fade as today's generation believe in learning from reality rather than from bookish knowledge. Hence the teaching field will develop more.
Teachers will be high in demand and the scope for a good teacher will never diminish.

7. Human Resource

Human resources and organizational development Specialists will be needed to re-skill workers while technological and socio-economic changes happen. There will also be a need for new jobs created and people will be needed to fill them. One way companies are planning to find the talent for these jobs is by training existing employees with the required skill sets. The majority of company owners believe in investing in re-skilling current employees. Development specialists and human resource professionals will be required not only for hiring in a competitive market but also to help employees to develop new skills.

8. Cybersecurity

There is already a boom in the number of cybersecurity jobs available and this is going to continue in the future.  However, many organizations are already depending on AI and automation for fighting cyber threats, its role in influencing cybersecurity jobs cannot be overlooked. While there are concerns that AI and automation will take up vital cybersecurity jobs in the future. Hackers are also using AI to target their victims.
With this development, there will be an increase in demand of analysts who can identify a pattern and interpret data. Hence, newer roles will open up in response to evolving threats and cybersecurity challenges.
If you’re interested in having a career in cybersecurity, you’ll need to ensure you’re fully armed with the relevant certifications, knowledge, and experience that ensure you’re capable of protecting the IT systems of the organizations you work for.

9. Digital Marketing

As of now, many digital marketing specialists are doing quite well for themselves. 
We are already becoming technology dependent. And digital marketing is getting more response than any other channel. No doubt, digital marketing is going to become one of the strongest pillars for the marketing industry. 
Below are some of the roles one can have as a digital marketer
i. Social media coordinator
ii. Content marketing specialist
iii. SEO marketing specialist
iv. Market analyst and so on.
There are many digital marketing courses available online and offline which can give you an in-depth understanding of marketing techniques that can benefit you if you want to pursue your career in digital marketing. If you wish to know about online resources for digital marketing then you click on the link below:

5 Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

Digital marketing is a new field that has emerged and is developing as we are getting more advanced towards technology.

10. Aviation industry

Although technology continues to evolve, jobs from the aviation industry will always be in demand. 
This industry always has a significant impact on the world economy. Aviation provides rapid worldwide transportation, facilitating international tourism, and generate jobs.
ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) reports suggesting that air transport will increase by an average of 4.3% in the next 20 years.
The aviation industry is booming and growing rapidly and if you want to make your career in this industry, definitely you will have a bright future.

Technology is changing at a faster rate and far wider in scope. In the coming years, we are going to lose a lot of jobs from the replacement of automation. To avoid disappointment, it is important to choose a career that is high in demand.  
Also, it is important to update yourself and your skills with the new skill sets. The secret to being in the competition is to adapt to the change. It is always important to be updated with the new technologies that are coming. 

What are your views? Are there any professions we forgot to add? Let us know in the comments. Happy Day!

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