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How do I overcome confusion in my career?

Career guidance to students is very important. Because by the time they complete their education they must be able to decide which career path they wants to choose. Most of the time it happens that students doesn't even know what they are doing and why they are doing till they complete graduation. And when they realized, they feel they don't have more time to take up the interested course and follow their passion. As a result they end up in choosing wrong career and are frustrated for lifetime.

Why do people get confused over choosing a right career?

Isn't it easy to say that, I want to be successful. But the problem arises when we find it difficult in making a right decision. Our thoughts are constantly changing. Everything becomes so challenging that getting a clear vision becomes difficult.

Career is something which is possible when we make it happen. Definitely it will required us to move out of our comfort zones and struggle hard to be successful. Thinking about the struggle, many people self-doubt if they can really make it? As they realize, it is always easy to say but difficult to make it happen.

Sometimes, students feel coerced and confused over the career decision that their parents has already for them, whereas they want to follow their passion which stands exactly opposite to their parents wish. Many students, till they graduate, hardly know what they want to become. And when they realize, they try to find the career options available with the qualification they have done and most of them get upset because they are hardly able to link their interest with career choice.

How to choose right career?

The good news in the modernization era, many new career fields have came up. 

Below are the basic steps which can help in choosing the right career:

1. Discussion on career choices

We are always surrounded with the people who loves us. Who are our well wisher. They can be our parents, teachers or mentors whom we respect. People whom we can trust while taking their advice.
There are many people who are older than us and who have better knowledge than us with them we can share our confusion and they will help us with the best possible advice.

2. Developing our personality

Today's world has become so competitive that only education won't help in achieving our dreams. Learn what you want to learn. Don't spend much time on thinking whether you should do it or not. It will be a waste of your time. Inculcate interpersonal skills. It helps in boosting confidence.

3. Contact a career coach

They are one of the experts who have more knowledge about the kind of jobs that are trending in the market. And they can give the best of the advice after studying your case.

4. Self Assessment

We humans are different from each other, we have different characteristics, traits, personality, skills and none are similar to each other. In such condition, it is important to know our self better while deciding which career path interest us more. Understanding yourself or your characteristics like your working style, communication style, intelligence, emotional, strengths and weaknesses will help you to find the path that’s best and right for you. Self assessment is a need of an hour. It is most appropriate way where a person can understand himself by analyzing his own interests, his/her strengths and weaknesses. One can also take a personality test that can help in understanding our interests better.
Many of the personality test are available free online and are much reliable.

5. Keep exploring

Trying out lot of options can also help you avoid regret in terms of choosing wrong career. It is always better to explore more before making a final decision. Try searching the career options on Google, Quora and LinkedIn. Many people/ scholars put their views, experience, advice on the Internet. It will help in getting some insight.

To conclude, the irony of today's world is, we opt for subjects without thinking whether we really have any interest in it? The lack of knowledge about how education affects career decision is never understood by a students.

It may be difficult but never impossible to realize what type of job you are interested in. It is equally important to understand, everything is in our hand. If we want to get inspiration, there are many inspirations around us.
There are many people who changed their career in midway 30/40 years old, single or married, have gave up their settled job to follow their dream job. 
At the end of the day, the real challenge is thrown by our own mind. It's a game it has been playing all our life. But playing it on our own terms and deciding it our way, is still our choice.