5 Best Foods To Purify Your Blood

Best food for blood purification

Millions of people have lost their lives across the globe due to the hit of the pandemic. Many among us have been caught in the nest of Corona. 
In such a difficult time, it is crucial to take precautions as well as care of your own health. It is important to adopt a hygienic lifestyle.

Ignoring our health problems can lead us to get into trouble and can cost our lives. Therefore, taking care of our own health becomes extremely important.
One such that matters is blood purity. Blood plays an important role in maintaining our overall growth well and keeping our body distanced from diseases. 
Blood not just helps in transporting vital nutrients, hormones, fats to the cells but also helps in removing the waste through the body. Therefore, keeping the blood clean is a must.

With the help of the kidney and liver, our body does the task of purifying our blood naturally.

But our food consumption helps a lot too in keeping our body fit. Some foods are easily available at home and consuming them every day can really help in detoxifying blood. So, let's have a look at the top 5 foods that really help in blood detoxification.

1. Water


Water is the most essential component of our life. To keep the body healthy and free of pollutants, we must drink plenty of water. Water not just keeps you be hydrated but also helps to detoxify your blood.
It aids in the maintenance of blood PH, blood viscosity, and the easy removal of contaminants. 

Drinking enough water aids the kidneys in removing waste from the bloodstream. Since drinking enough water is important for a healthy body, we have to make it a point to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day.

If you don't like having plain water, you can add lemon to the water, or preparing a juice with fruits can help you with the taste. This way, you won't get bored having water.

2. Leafy Vegetables

Advantages of consuming leafy vegetables

Most of us are not fond of leafy vegetables. The taste of leafy vegetables makes many of us hate them. 

But it is green leafy vegetables that have most of the nutrients that fulfill our body's requirements. Doctors advise their patients to have leafy vegetables if they are weak.

Leafy vegetables have anti-oxidants that help to protect cells from damage. Apart from so much benefit of having green veggies, one more important role they play is, they promote the detoxifying process of blood by creating enzymes in the liver. 

3. Turmeric

Consuming turmeric

Turmeric is a herb that is commonly used in Asian cuisine. It is commonly used as a spice. Turmeric is composed of 100 different components, the most important of which is a volatile oil called turmerone. 
Curcuminoids are the coloring agents found in turmeric. It is grown all over India, as well as in other parts of Asia and Central America.

Turmeric is a natural detoxifier. Turmeric milk aids in the removal of blood pollutants and purification. It helps in improving blood circulation in the body. It works as a blood thinner, removing pollutants from the lymphatic system and blood vessels.
Including turmeric into your diet is very easy. You can add it to the food you're preparing for lunch and dinner or you can add it to milk and have

Daily consumption of turmeric will not just clean blood but will also help in reducing cholesterol levels, reduce swellings, improving the functioning of the liver and also, help indigestion.

Turmeric is that spice that is easily available and at a low cost.

4. Beetroot

Healthy receipes of Beetroot

Beetroot is considered one of the healthiest vegetables.  It is filled with nutrients and antioxidants which are important for the human body. Beetroot can be consumed in the form of salad, veggies, or even juice. The taste of beetroot will never disappoint you.

How Beetroot helps in purifying blood?

The liver filters blood produces blood-clotting proteins detoxifies the blood and metabolizes medications. Beetroot's betalains antioxidants aid the liver's detoxification of pollutants and poisons.

5. Coriander leaves

Consuming corriander leave

Coriander leaves are easily available in every household. They are always added as a garnish on any dish. None of the spicy dishes are complete without adding coriander leaves. The aroma it has is strong and overpowering. 

But apart from its aroma, consuming them every day will benefit in numerous ways. One of them is blood cleansing.

Corriander leaves not just help in detoxifying blood but also helps in creating Plasma which is an important component of blood. They also have iron which plays an important role in transferring blood to all tissues. Iron is known to aid in the production of red blood cells and avoid cell damage.

These are the top 5 foods that help in purifying blood and keeping you away from getting diseases. 

The task of blood is not just to transport oxygen and nutrients to every tissue but also to eliminate waste and harmful pollutants out from our body.

The presence of pollutants or toxins in the blood can cause serious health issues.

For our body's better health and smooth functioning, it is important to be attentive to blood purification.

These foods are easily available in everyone's home and can be consumed without much effort. 

So, which of this food are included in your plate? Reply in the comment box.

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