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Simple Ways To Reduce High Blood Pressure Naturally

High blood pressure in India and worldwide is fairly common. Nearly 1 billion people worldwide are suffering from hypertension. This disease, usually known as the silent killer and does not show any symptoms initially.
Prolonged suffering without treatment can increase the risk of cardiac attack, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, and many other life-threatening issues. This is the cause of why measuring blood pressure at regular intervals is important. 

Blood pressure

Improving lifestyle and adopting healthy dietary changes can help in lowering high blood pressure.

According to doctors, almost 80% of people can lower their high blood pressure problems by adopting healthy lifestyle changes. Since many people don't know what to do for lowering high blood pressure, we thought to write about the most effective ways that can not only lower blood pressure but also can help in getting rid of other health diseases.

1. Avoid alcohol


Alcohol has created a strong effect on people. People drink to socialize or celebrate at parties or to relax at home. But is drinking safe?
Though we may feel calm and relaxed by having alcohol, definitely it is not healthy.
Heavy drinking leads to increased hypertension regardless of age and gender and if you continue having alcohol daily, it can affect the smooth functioning of the heart and thereby create serious health problems. Hence, the best way is to totally quit drinking alcohol or reducing the quantity and consuming it occasionally.

2. Active lifestyle

Active lifestyle

Our modern life expects us to be more productive in our work life. In staying ahead in professional competition, we often forget about our health. All of us spend most of our time in the office. Later we spend time at home sitting on the couch watching TV, having dinner, and going to bed and our day ends.
Lack of exercise in daily life can invite a lot of health issues. Blood pressure is one of them. 
Studies say that lack of exercise often leads a person to get high blood pressure.

So, making changes in daily routine and doing a moderate level of exercise for 15 minutes daily can help you to achieve a beneficial difference in stabilizing your blood pressure.

3. Weight control

Weight loss

Just like how exercise is important, maintaining the right BMI is also important. Obese people tend to have more chances of getting high blood pressure. 
Trying to lose even 10% of current weight can help in making blood pressure normal. 
Often stress and lifestyle that we carry affect our health and it is said to be one of the reasons that make us put on the weight.
Regular exercise, less stress, a balanced diet, and 8 hours of quality sleep can help a lot to lose weight and thereby normalizing blood pressure.
Whenever you want to lose weight, make sure you add up the above tips on the list. Since they are one of the healthiest ways to reduce weight. 

4. Less salt

avoid salt

For High blood pressure, consuming less salt can help a lot. Salt contains sodium. Consuming salt increases sodium in the bloodstream which causes blood to hold more water. This in return puts a strain on the heart to push it harder through arteries.
Consumption of salt daily in high quantity causes hypertension.
Many processed foods contain a large number of preservatives and salt. Hence a person who has high blood pressure should totally avoid eating packed and processed food with high sodium content. 
Reducing salt intake can help in lowering high blood pressure and thereby avoid getting serious life-threatening conditions like heart attack, kidney failure, and many other diseases.
Preparing and consuming food at home and is the best idea since you can keep a watch on the amount of salt you add to the food.

5. Quit smoking

Quit smoking

Smoking is always told as dangerous for our lungs but no one ever told that it can steadily increase the blood pressure too. An experiment carried on the smokers and non-smokers, blood pressure is found high in smokers compared to non-smokers. Smoking causes acute arise in blood pressure.
When a person is a chain smoker, the nicotine in cigarettes narrows the arteries and thereby affect the proper functioning of blood vessel impacting the normal blood flow to the heart. This raises the blood pressure and also stresses the heart. Apart from high blood pressure, smoking can also set you up for heart attack and stroke.

As said, the current lifestyle and habits that we follow create a high chance of getting health diseases that puts our lives in danger. In such a situation, removing bad habits and following these habits consistently is important.
It is also advisable to get in contact with the doctor to check your blood pressure and take medicine if prescribed. Right medicines and good habits can help in benefiting health and making a good impact on high blood pressure and thereby lowering. 

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