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Use These Tricks To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Dream Job

With fewer jobs available from the well-established companies, you sure wouldn't want to miss out on an opportunity to get your resume shortlisted from the recruiters.

Job Search

Job portals have become a very important part of the hiring process. Leading Companies use job portals to get the ready-made data of the most suitable candidate for the available vacancies.
Many job hunters sign up on job portals to get the best opportunities but very few people get the right job.
Though there are many people who register themselves on job portals like,, and other portals many get blank on the requested information and they fill up the irrelevant information or avoid sharing required information.
Sharing your resume on job portals won't provide you the best opportunity. There are many key aspects that are mandatory to fill to get shortlisted. Hence, how you fill them, determines your chances of getting shortlisted for the particular vacancy. Let's find out below.

1. Write Eye capturing Headline

It is one of the most important things that recruiter looks before going through your other career details and resume. When recruiters lookout for the matching resume, they focus on experience, skills, designation, and the industry you are working in.
Your headline must be insightful and reflect your experience and skills to grab a recruiter's attention.
So, the headline of your profile is very important and makes a lot of difference.

Job search

2. Enter the right key skill

Mostly all job portals run on algorithms and algorithms only understand the language of keywords.
That's why including the right key skill on profile helps your resume to get highlighted to the recruiter when they enter the same skill sets for vacancies. In other words, sometimes recruiters search for a candidate with specific expertise, experience, and skillset, and mentioning those accurate skills will let recruiters find and thereby increase your chance of getting shortlisted.
It is important to include those key skills which reflect your experience, if not then skill mismatch can make you lose a chance of getting selected.
Soft skills and hard skills are always important and every individual has some of the other inherent skills in them. Hard skills are the one which can be learned through a certificate course. Whereas soft skills are the one that depicts your leadership skills, competitiveness, etc.
Key skills play a huge factor in landing a job.

3. Upload resume in a simple format

Many people use different style templates to make their resume look impressive, but when a recruiter clicks on your resume, some fonts aren't supported and it creates a problem to recruiter while reading your resume.
As the recruiter finds thousands of resumes with matching skills and experience recruiter spends just 6 seconds on each resume and in such a scenario when you share a resume in unsuitable format, chances of you losing an opportunity get high.
Microsoft Word is currently the most used format for writing and sharing resume and many HR requests candidates to share their resume in word format since it is easy to read.

4. Connecting LinkedIn to your profile

As technology is developing, hiring methods are changing. While searching for a resume on job portals, many recruiters search for a source that can direct them to your LinkedIn account.
LinkedIn has become one of the prominent social sites for professionals. When the hirer reaches your resume on job portals, they do click to your provided link of LinkedIn account.
Hirer crosscheck the information you have shared on your resume also they see your recommendation and connection. LinkedIn helps to provide evidence of your credibility.
Linking your LinkedIn account to your profile will help hirers to build trust in the information you have shared on the job portal and on your resume.


5. Update profile

Update your profile at least once in 6 months. In 6 months many things change. Salary hike, promotion, learned new skills or transferred to other locations.
When recruiters search for the resume, they search the resumes which are recently updated and the candidate which are active on job portals.
Candidates who aren't active on job portals, their resume never shown in the top pages, and they lose a chance of getting a good career opportunity. Care should be taken to upload the latest resume with updated information reflecting in your resume. When looking for a job, staying active and updated becomes very important.

These days the talent market has become so tricky to access, it has become critical for job seekers to put their best foot forward whenever they try to find a job. People who have in-depth knowledge about using job portals, for them these sites are user-friendly however people who use these sites without understanding much about it tend to face the problem and thereby their profile rarely gets shortlisted by hirers.

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