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Why Do Some People Don't Get Sleep At Night?

Good sleep is extremely important for healthy brain function, physical body and emotional well-being. Good sleep does help in fat loss, being physically active, and keeps mood good and fresh all day. However, due to fast stressful life. Most people nowadays are sleep-deprived this leads to tiredness, low productivity and even negative impact on hormonal balance.
Below I have given list of sleeping habits that we follow in general. 

If you are one of those who sleeps 8 hours daily, but still feels exhausted and tired throughout the day. Then you should definitely read this. It is possible that these people might be unintentionally following wrong sleeping habits.

Here are 5 worst sleeping habits that impact the quality of our sleep:

1. Wrong posture

The way we sleep has a major role in providing a quality sleep and how our body works. Report says more than 40% people sleep in fetal position.This posture puts an undue pressure on the back and neck muscles and waking up tired. Also 'face down' position is considered as the worst sleeping position, resting on tummy for entire night can cause the stomach to increase in size and get round and also strains the neck.These are not the ideal positions for healthy sleep.
Sleeping on back is helpful for people suffering from back pain as it keeps the spine straight. It is best to sleep on the left side as it has numerous health benefits, it increases blood circulation, prevents heartburn and helps in digestion.

2. Irregular sleep timings

 Irregular sleep timings or late night sleep disturbs the brain's clock system. This not only makes us difficult to have a sound sleep but also increases the chances of getting heart disease, depression and other chronic illnesses.
 It is always recommended to sleep and wake up at almost the same time every day. The best time to sleep is between 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. 
If you are one of them who has habit of sleeping in the afternoon for hours? Then it's better to avoid afternoon nap. Afternoon nap can interfere with the quality of night sleep and get habit of insomnia. If at all you want to take a nap in the afternoon then limit it to 30 - 60 minutes.

 3. Playing with snooze button

Sleep never feels like enough. Many snooze alarm for 2-3 times before waking up. 
Science says snoozing alarm can actually increase the tiredness and makes us feel drowsy. This is because sleep timing makes our body and brain to work together at same time everyday. Hence, our body already gets into waking mode before we open up our eyes. Snoozing alarm and trying to get sleep for extra 5 - 10 minutes confuses the brain clock. This disturbs the waking process and keeping us tired and drowsy for an entire day. Whereas when we hit up the alarm and instantly wake up, it gives fresh feel and energy. Do try doing this and feel the difference.

4.  Eating habits

People who have a habit of consuming three to four cups of tea or coffee daily are most likely to face sleeping problems. Especially coffee which is higher in caffeine. 
We all know caffeine keeps brain awake. Avoiding tea or coffee 5 hours before going to bed will help getting sleep quicker. Also, sleeping right after eating creates disturbance in smooth working of digestive system. This leads to disrupt the sleep cycles and get digestion problem. It is always recommended to have dinner 2-3 hours before going to bed. 

5. Using Mobile on bed

Dark room without any light is favorable for getting a good sleep. When we turn on our mobile, our brain confuses its brightness for day light. Thinking it's daytime our brain gets awake and we find it difficult to get sleep. So, in order to get good sleep, It is always better to stay away from gadgets at least one hour before going to sleep at night. 

So these were the bad habits that not only disturbs our quality sleep but also affects our health. Giving up this bad habits and adopting below mentioned 5 good sleeping habits can help us to be fresh and energetic all day. 

1. Optimal environment 

Optimal environment is important for a good sleep. It is always recommendable to wear loose cotton clothes as they are much more relaxing for the body than any other fabrics. 
The right temperature of the room should be between 20 to 24 degrees Celsius as it is considered to be an optimal temperature for sleep. Also, make sure that room is dark and clean. 
Hardness of mattresses or pillows is also important make sure that they are neither too soft, not too hard. These are small things which make a huge impact.

2. Sleeping in the best direction 

This is a habit, which is mostly ignored. Sleeping in wrong direction can disturb sleep posture and get health problems. It is believed that sleeping with head towards the North creates conflict with the earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic field which lies from the north to south direction are very strong. The energy levels of a person go from north to south and are also strong so this increases the chances of the developing difficulties in sleeping or even nightmares. This position can also cause blood pressure, sleeplessness and increase of cholesterol because of the magnetic field that is within humans and the world. This is has not been proved scientifically. But if its the belief that this has some relevance then it is better to sleep in proper direction than to worry about it and lose sound sleep.

3. Foot massage

This acupressure technique helps a lot in sleeping faster and deeper. Wash the feet before going to sleep, dry them with the towel, take a few drops of oil and gently massage the feet. 
There are many points on the human feet, which are directly connected to the nerves of the brain. When we massage our feet, it helps in easing muscle tension. This encourage our nervous system to switch into healing and relaxation state. This helps us to get peaceful sleep.

4. Proper bedtime routine 

Simple bedtime routine prepares body and mind for a good night. Sleeping daily on same time and waking up on same time leads our brain clock to make a sleeping pattern and waking time routine. And as said above our body gets ready before we waking up. This leads us to feel fresh and energetic for an entire day.
Having bath with warm water also helps in getting sleep immediately after lying on bed.  

5. Learn to sleep in 60 seconds

For those who are facing serious sleep disorders, like Insomnia and Sleep Apnea, 4-7-8 breathing technique can help in getting sleep. In this method, take breathe through nose for four seconds, then hold the breath for 7 seconds then exhale through the mouth counting 8 seconds do this just for 10 times and this induces sleep.
Another hack most people use for getting sleep quickly is by blinking their eyes rapidly. Blinking rapidly for a prolonged time strains the muscles that makes eye lids to feel heavy and tired and helping to get sleep. Also reading book or meditating on bed relieves us from the stress and calms the mind and get deep sound sleep.

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