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How to Get Government Jobs in India

Government jobs are considered as one of the prestigious jobs in India. The majority of Indians try for government jobs because of the attractive benefits of being a government servant and for its job security. However, cracking the government exam and getting selected is one of the difficult tasks. Here I am sharing tips on how you can give your best to get a government job.

1. Your Interest

The government is the biggest public-serving body which has vast departments. It is important to understand your interest. We all are aware of hierarchy wise top posts like IPS, IAS. The government has many sectors. So before deciding for which post you want to go ahead, make a research about the posts that are available in a government job and select as per your interest.

2. Notification Alerts about the exam

Difference between private and government job is, for private jobs, there are many leading recruitment portals which display the job ads. In short, getting news about vacancies from private companies is easy. However, the Government follows simple procedures. As per their policy, they display ads on the national daily newspaper and on their websites. So, it is important to regularly check the newspaper and their website to get the notification of respective exams so that you can keep all the required documents ready and you can apply before the last date.

3. Preparing for the exam

Many of us have a zeal to get a government job. They often get confused about how to get started with the preparation for the exam.

i) Selecting right syllabus

Syllabus for the government's initial exams is mostly based on quantitative aptitude, general knowledge, current affairs, English language, and reasoning. So, the first step towards getting prepared for the exam is to gather the study matter. 
The Internet is flooded with so many materials and books. Always purchase the book which is top-rated and has high reviews. Many popular websites like Competition Review or Jagran Josh provide free exam syllabus to study including current affairs. Also, they provide question papers and answer keys of previous exams which can help you to understand the latest question paper pattern.

ii) Time management

Plan well in advance and start preparation 6 months before the exam. This will help you to cover all your syllabus before time. Manage your time wisely. Do not spend your time on unproductive tasks. Divide your syllabus for a day. Understand the concept and make your own notes. Make a habit of reading the daily newspapers because most of the questions asked on current affairs are based on the recent happenings in the country.
Participate in test series and mock tests. One such website is Testbook. You can also visit InsightsIAS; It can help you in boosting your preparation. 

4. Use Technology

Technology can also be productive. Spend time on visiting YouTube, Quora for motivation. Read interviews of people who have successfully cracked the government/ competitive exam. It will help you to understand how much hurdles, disappointment they have faced to get selected in the exam. Note down the valuable advice they share for aspirants, shortcuts to use for preparation. Adopt their thoughts and make it a tool for yourself to get success.

5. Habits

Self-discipline and the ability to create a healthy habit is important to keep your willpower strong. Right habits can help you to change your behavior the right way. Follow a routine that can help you to achieve your goal. Practice hard to implement them in daily life.

6. Confidence

Be confident about yourself. Never give more attention to the competition. Always think you are the best! Honesty and sincerity are important. Being honest with your dreams and rigorous practice makes you achieve your dream.

The tips mentioned above will definitely make your task easy to get prepared for the exam. To get selected for a government job, you should work hard, and more importantly, you should have the determination that you will get it at any cost. If you are fully determined and honest with your efforts, no one can stop you from achieving your dream. The aim Should be to turn your challenges into opportunity. 


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