8 Things That Will Get You a Promotion

You work hard and do your job well. Yet somehow you manage to get passed over for promotion. You and I, everyone has gone through this. And nothing can be more discouraging.

Our manager feels we are not doing our job responsibly. But often happens that, we know our responsibilities to do and performing it with 100% effort. But we are not getting expected results.

It does not always happen that efforts bring equal success. A wrong approach and tactics lead us to unsatisfactory results. So there is a need to improve the directions and the way we are doing our work. Hard work alone never pays back. Sometimes you have to work smartly.

I have mentioned 8 ideas that can help you in getting a promotion in your job.

1. Showcase Your Results

Have you ever wondered why some employees get their promotions regularly and how their boss takes their suggestions seriously? No doubt they must be good at their work. But also, they use their skills to showcase their efforts to people so that their manager can notice them which makes them stand out from the crowd.

To go up the ladder, you do all the work at the office, but if you're not able to showcase results to others, it's going to be difficult for people to recognize you and move you up.

You will need to speak up and show your knowledge of the meetings. And share suggestions whenever required. Send an email when you complete your task. Get recognized for the work you have done.

2. Believe In Yourself 

When you have any agenda or proposal for taking the company's business to the next level, you make a thorough plan considering the weaknesses, strengths, and how to involve everybody to take the plan to the next level. All this won't work out if you don't have self-belief.

Believing in yourself stepping stone for going ahead. It will help you to gain confidence in yourself and believe that it is possible to make new things work and will give you positive results. Even if it doesn't give you the expected result, at least you can try to improve by thinking about alternate solutions.

 3. Be Positive

Always be positive and exude confidence. It will help you to communicate effectively with your colleagues, your clients. Effective communication brings clarity to what you want to convey to your colleagues, manager, and client. This is the key to get yourself noticed in the office.

4. Be a Problem Solver

Do not complain. Be a problem-solver identify roadblocks and remove them and get things done.

People who always keep complaining about the problem are never appreciated. People who counter with the problem and then work towards finding the solution are the people who get appreciated and promoted.

5. Be Self-driven

Before taking up any added responsibility from seniors, just think whether you will able to complete it in committed time. Sometimes we take up the responsibility since we cannot say no to our seniors and it bound to happen that in hurry we are not able to give up our 100% and as a result, it gives a bad impression.
Try and pick up more work according to the situation and at the same time deliver with perfection. So that they recognize your hard work and trust you.
It is always better to think wisely before you accept any upcoming added responsibility.

6. Engage With Your Manager

If you want to gain recognition for your work, it's important to be open with your manager. In most cases, a supportive manager wants to see his team achieving their goal.
It's important to create a leader and a follower relation rather than just a boss and an employee. Be open to discuss your plan, career goals, and how serious you are and the results you are going to achieve and how your efforts are going to benefit your company. Sometimes talking to a manager without any bound can help you to achieve the trust of your manager on you. They will understand that you're looking to grow.
Also, it's important to understand who's going to do your promotion and what are their expectations from you.

7. Build a Relationship

The company always gives preference to its clients. For them, it is through these clients that their business works. Always try to get engage with the client. Give them the preference, build a good relationship with them. Let them know what amazing work that you are trying to do. Showcase things proactively the more people know about your great work, the better it is in terms of getting them to recognize your efforts. So this kind of an internal mandate that you are doing a great job has to be created and that has to be done by you. It's not going to happen automatically. So take it up as a mandate to create a great impression of yours on others.

8. Feedback From Manager

Take regular updates about yourself from your manager. It will help you to understand whether the tactics you are using to complete work are creating any chance for your promotion for this time. And if any improvement is required then you can do it on time.

Many employees make a mistake is, they take feedback from their managers on the day of appraisals. And usually, they are shocked.
Asking for regular updates from your manager about your work progress will lead your manager to understand how serious you are about work and it will give good remarks about yourself.


The environment is always challenging in the workplace, especially when everyone tries to compete with each other. But that doesn't mean you cannot do it. It's your dream. Achieve it with all the tactics mentioned above.

And always remember, "power is never given. Power should be always taken." So go ahead and take the power that you deserve.

What you feel about this? Do comment and give us your opinion. Your feedback is important.

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