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Is Using Laptop On The Lap Harmful To Our Health?

Since we are going through the phase of pandemic, most of us are working from home. Most of us may be using laptops for this purpose. So what you think about the question in the title? And, if you spend most of your day working on a laptop, then these things will surprise you.

Harmful effects of using laptop on your lap

Sometimes the laptop gets heated up causing warmth to your lap and private region. You might start to worry about the health risk associated with it. 

Can the use of a laptop on your lap cause infertility?

It's like you are playing with your balls. The more aware you are, the safer you would be. To know the answer we need to understand that the laptop radiates an electromagnetic field. This emission cannot be seen or felt but the long term exposure to radiation can cause harmful effects.

The laptop mainly emits two kinds of EMF radiation. 

1. Radio Frequency Radiation

This type of radiation is released when the laptop tries to establish a connection with other devices around such as a WIFI router or Bluetooth.

2. Low-Frequency Radiation

This radiation is caused when the laptop uses electrical energy to perform various functions. The components release this kind of radiation.

Ionizing or non-ionizing radiation

The low-frequency radiations are non-ionizing such as those emitted by electronic devices and appliances at home. The term non-ionizing refers to radiations in the electromagnetic spectrum in which the energy is insufficient to cause ionization. 

Ionizing radiations are more harmful and are high-frequency radiations such as those in x-rays or nuclear emissions.

Electro-magnetic Spectrum

But do these radiations cause infertility?

Absolutely no... 

The Verge, in a recent interaction with various fertility doctors, found that there is no evidence to prove that laptops can cause infertility. 

However, along with EMF radiation, laptops also emits thermal radiation. This small amount of radiation won't cause any fertility issues. But, if you are using a laptop for a prolonged time then, these may cause some issues. 

The safe amount of radiation is 2 MilliGauss and the laptop emits around 150 MilliGauss when used for hours together. 

According to a study conducted by Time, the heat from the laptop won't burn you but the slight increase in temperature as low as 2 degrees Fahrenheit can surely impact your fertility. 

Men are more susceptible to radiation than women due to their anatomy. Pregnant women should also avoid EMF and the heat from the laptop. The worst thing is using the laptop by placing it on your stomach without any kind of shield or protection.

Other effects of radiation on our body

Studies have found that EMF can cause a variety of health issues such as headaches, insomnia, and fatigue. The exposure to heat from the laptop raises the temperature in the cells causing it to accelerate its natural death - a process called 'Apoptosis'. It also decreases cell immunity and causes DNA damage in cells in some cases. This may have a carcinogenic effect on some people. Skin inflammation and rashes are also common effects of laptop radiation on the body. 

You can avoid EMF radiations by following the tips mentioned below.

1. Reduce your laptop and WiFi usage

It may be not possible to avoid the use of laptops but you can definitely reduce it to the extent possible. When not in use turn off the laptop completely. The same applies to WiFi also. If you are using a laptop and the activity does require the use of WiFi, it is better to turn off the WiFi transmitters and receivers.

2. Use Shield to protect you from laptop radiation

You can buy an EMF shield, which can drastically reduce your exposure to the laptop radiations. These shields are made up of materials that actually block the radiation from passing through it. Additionally, they are heat resistant, effectively blocking the heat from the laptop affecting your body.

Armor EMF and Heat Shield For Laptop

3. Maintain some distance when using your laptop

Instead of using the laptop on your lap, you can place it over a table or desk. This will keep the radiation affecting you as low as possible. 


Radiation from a laptop can be harmful if you use it for a prolonged period. Using it for a short duration and away from your body like on a desk or table would not cause you any harm. In that case, the levels of radiation are almost similar to what is present in the environment. 

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