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5 Tips To Maintain Perfect Work Life Balance When Working From Home

It's been almost seven months that the global pandemic has made its presence in this world and shaken the way of life that was followed by us all. Many new norms are adopted as a new way of living as a precautionary measurement to save ourselves from getting more affected by Covid 19. 

One of them is work from home. All businesses overnight shifted their businesses to home-based work and made their employees work remotely to keep their employees safe from the pandemic and keeping their business working smoothly. Though initially working from home looked like pleasurable since it's the first time companies allowed employees to work from home for a long time but as time passed, many noticed that working from home is stressful. Ongoing meetings and telecommuting for hours beyond working hours, spending the entire day on a laptop without taking breaks affected many people's work-life balance. This in return made many people get complaints from their family members for not spending time with them and thereby disturbing work-life balance and personal life.

Even though many of the companies look out for their profits and managers to pressurise their employees to spend a maximum of time on office work, it's your and my duty to give enough time to family as well. It's also important to spend time with family. If you're one of them who aren't able to give enough time to the family then I have summarised some of the best advice that can really help you to manage work-life balance.

1. Wake up early:

waking up early

Agree or not, as working remotely started many people's schedule has changed. Getting up late morning has become common. Though you might be getting more than the required time to sleep but waking up early can help you to have enough time with you before joining your video conferences and team calls. 

You can utilize time in helping your wife or mother in preparing breakfast or spending time with them or talking to them. This indeed can help to improve the relationship and making them not complain anymore.

2. Walking:

morning walk

Work-life balance doesn't compulsorily mean spend time with your family. It also means giving yourself enough time. Early morning walking can also help you to feel fresh and change the mood for the better and get ready for the upcoming day.

Apart from improving mood, starting a day with walking can help you get done with enough physical activity and exercise that is a must to stay healthy and active.

Hence, when trying to manage your work-life balance, considering a walk is also a good choice.

3. Take a break:

having coffe in break

It is natural to find many employees having walk-in office premises or in the canteen where they are sipping a cup of tea. 

But since work from home started, employees hardly take any break. This indeed is affecting their well-being. Continuous ongoing meetings, calls makes one tired and stressed. 

Managing a little time for yourself and taking a break and keeping a laptop away from sight for a few minutes can help you to relieve yourself from stress. Help yourself by taking a walk, making tea for yourself or getting fresh air, or having a look from the balcony.

4. Make planning for the weekend:

family picnic

Just like working for an entire day is important similarly, spending time with family is also a must to have quality time together and enjoy the weekend. It is acceptable that for the entire week you cannot go out with family hence, planning to make a weekend enjoyable can help you to make family happy. Plan for an outing, or lunch or dinner out or visit a new place with family. 

Spending the weekend in such a way will help you to enjoy some time with family, making bonding stronger and experiencing the weekend in a true sense.

5. Carve out some time for your leisure:

Gardening as leisure

Work from home is something that no one before has experienced and it is we, our generation that has faced such a situation. Though in such a scenario where we have to spend the entire day in front of a laptop, we can draw some time for leisure. Whatever your interest may be, spend one hour every day on it. If you like gardening, you can do planting on your balcony and see them growing every day. Many plants grow easily in less space. For example, tomato plants, cucumber are some of them. You can also plant vegetables. Other than that you can also spend some time reading books which you always wished for or following your passion for drawing or anything that interesting to you.

In short daily spend some time for yourself, away from the laptop. Explore your interest, this can help you to improve your skills and carry the activities that you really enjoy.

Indeed work from home has become one of the trends that almost everybody is following. Working an entire day on a laptop, enjoying this time, and managing work-life balance is equally important because we hardly know when in the future we will able to see such a scenario again. 

Working tirelessly every day on your office work without giving time for work-life balance can definitely going to harm your personal life.

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