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Are you looking for something to beautify your website or blog with a daily motivational quotes?
And at the same time increase engagement and traffic to your blog.

Let's introduce you to our Quote Of The Day widget. You can easily add Quote Of The Day widget to your blogger or WordPress website. It is fully mobile responsive. The Quote Of The Day widget can help you in many ways. Read on to learn more about the widget.

This quote of day widget can display famous quotes anywhere on your website. The widget is created with the intention to inspire people who visit your site. It mainly displays short inspirational quotes but also includes other categories such as short life quotes, work hard quotes for success or success quotes, love quotes, leadership quotes, relationship quotes, wellness quotes, nature quotes, quotes about work, and motivational quotes about life from famous authors. The quotes are for all. For example, it displays quotes for teachers, empowering quotes for women, and motivational quotes for hard-working individuals as well.

The widget can be easily customized to point to the URL of your choice. The quoted text will be hyperlinked to the URL you specify. The widget also features a Facebook share button. The visitor clicking on this button is able to share the image along with the quote on Facebook. The images in the widgets are sourced from so you need not have to worry about the copyright issues.

The widget does not charge you anything to display quotes. The widget is available for free use*. It also does not display its own ads on your website. You are however free to monetize by displaying your own ads on your webpage where this widget is installed.

The widget is fully compatible with WordPress and Blogger. You just need to paste the code in the HTML section to display the widget on your website or blog.

The Quote Of The Day widget will show a different quote every day to keep you motivated.

Benefits of using our Quote Of The Day widget -  Firstly, it beautifies your web page and increases engagement. It can increase traffic to your website when you share it with other websites as you can see the live example below, the quote is hyperlinked to an URL. You can customize this URL to drive traffic to your website when the widget is included on other websites. Finally, it also allows your viewers to share the quote on Facebook.

The widget is very easy to install. It just requires 3 steps.
To grab the code to install the widget on your website:

✅   Enter the URL of your website

✅   Click on Get Code button

✅   Copy and Paste the code in the HTML section of your website

Please tell us about the widget in the comments.

Try the quiz:

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