3 Ways You Can Embed Instagram Feed To Your Blog

Blogging is not that simple as it seems. You have a lot of tasks lined up in a day. Then you need to promote yourself on social media. This is the most difficult part when you do this all manually. Everyone needs some time from his blogging period to relax, to spend some moments with their family.

Today I am going to show you how you can embed your Instagram feed to your blog so the images you post on Instagram are automatically shown on your blog.

Adding an Instagram Feed to Blogger is an easy process that can be done in just a few short steps. You can also make your blog look more professional by adding your Instagram feed to your blog. This is a great way to show off your Instagram feed and invite your blog followers to follow your Instagram account. As a blogger, it is important to showcase your personality, your thinking, your behavior beyond the blog articles. 

Here we will see how to manually add your feed as well as by using the Instagram widgets.

Method 1: Manually embedding every post to the blog

To add the Instagram Feed manually, follow the below steps.
  • Open Instagram, open the post you want to embed.
  • Click the three dots to show a menu.
  • Click on Embed to get the embed code.
  • Copy the embed code and paste in the HTML of your blog.

Method 2: Using the Widgets

There are widget services which can help you to embed your Instagram feed on your blog. I personally recommend using this method. Because the Instagram API keeps changing and you are saved from editing and tinkering with your blog template. APIs are usually a collection of functions and procedures which allow the creation of applications to connect the features or access data of a different application or service.

Let's have a look at some of the Widget services available for this purpose.


Elfsight has good collection of widgets for the website

Follow the embed your Instagram feed on the blog

Login to Elfsight Website, Choose Instagram Feed Widget and  Click on Create Widget

At the top, Give a name to your Widget and click Select one of the templates.
Click on Apply

You will be asked to select a plan. Choose a plan as per your requirement. They have subscription-based plans. Their Lite plan which is free is limited to 200 views per month and has an Elfsight Logo.

After selecting the plan, you can customize it and add it to your website with the code. Click on the 'Add to the website' to get the code. Copy and paste this code in the HTML section of your blog


LightWidget is easy to use. If you are looking for one-time fee plans, you can go for LightWidget. Free plans work perfectly with 'non-https' blogs. If you need 'https' you can upgrade the widget for $10 (one-time fee).

To use, first connect with Instagram or Facebook Account.
then adjust your required settings as required and click Get Code which is at the bottom of the page.

You can copy and paste this code in the HTML section of your blog. also has a nice widget for you to display your Instagram feed on your blog.

Their free plan is limited to a display of 6 posts and displays their logo. If you wish to upgrade, the starter plan costs $4.49/month with unlimited Instagram Feed.

Login to the site and click on Create New Plugin

From the list of plugins select Instagram Feed and Click on 'Get App'

Click on Add Feed

At the top left corner, Enter a name for your Plugin.
Then enter a username or a hashtag. Click Done.

In the 'content' section enter a Feed title.

In 'Design' section, you can make the required changes and click on 'Add to Site'

Copy the embed code to your blog to display your Instagram Feed.

Hope this helps you with your idea and now you have your choices at your hand.
For questions or queries, there is a comment section below. Happy Day! Success is Trending!

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