How To Stop Feeling Tired Easily All The Time

Avoid getting tired

Do you also get into a situation where you have a lot of work pending to complete but then you have low energy that causes tiredness and you keep wondering what can be done to do to stop feeling tired?

People from the previous generation were more energetic and strong than us. 
Our body plays an important role when we have so much to achieve in our life. 

We are held up with so many responsibilities that often while performing our best to meet with the taken responsibility, we feel tired and exhausted.

What causes tiredness in the body?

Changing lifestyle, changed habits and introduction of new technologies has given us all the facilities that we would have required to spend more time on. Nonetheless, it has made our life better but as everything has its negative sides, the same way, modernization has made us not work so hard and that is what impacts more on our health.

Today's generation works at a fast-paced, where you lag behind if you get slow. In such a situation, it becomes important to take care of your body so that your body will co-operate with you in meeting your responsibilities.

Here are 10 tips that helped me to stop getting tired and they have been helpful to keep myself zestful while working out on performing my daily duties. Inculcating these 10 habits in your daily life will help you to stop feeling tiredness.

How to stop feeling tired?

1. Spend time daily on performing yoga

Yoga is one of the ways that helps to bring peace and harmony - physically and mentally. It also professes to create positive development in your mind and body.

Various asanas help in improving your body. You can check on YouTube for various asanas that you can practice at home.

You will need to work on practicing yoga at a slow and gradual pace as you won't get perfect and love for yoga in one night.

"Slow and steady wins the race". As you start practicing, you will get habited and will have a personal love for yoga.

Always try spending time from your schedule preferably in the morning for yoga. 

2. Take breaks

Breaks between busy schedules work as a wonder. It helps you to get some time for yourself when you are busy with work. 

Taking breaks in between helps you to rest and relax which helps you to reenergized and restart work with more improved concentration and increased productivity.

3. Deep breaths

Deep breathing is one of the most powerful tools individuals can use to combat mental, bodily, and emotional stress and exhaustion. In just a few minutes, deep breathing revitalizes and rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit. 

When you are frustrated, anxious, exhausted, or tired. you tend to feel difficulty in breathing as a result you tend to breathe faster. Whereas breathing slowly and deeply sends a signal to your brain to relax and its effects can be seen on an entire body.

Therefore, the way you breathe has an impact on your brain and entire body. 
Making a habit of deep breathing has also been shown to reduce tension since it gives the required amount of oxygen to the brain helping in relaxing the heartbeats and then lowering or stabilizing the blood pressure.

Tiredness and fatigue

4. Have foods that are rich in nutrients

Even dieting causes tiredness. Sometimes we get craze of dieting so much that we skip meals and the body doesn't get the nutrients. 
Our body works on how we maintain it. Our body gets weak when it doesn't get the required calories and nutrients.
One such is Iron. Iron deficiency often leads the body to feel tired, weak and making you exhausted. Just like, deep breathing helps to rich oxygen to the brain, the same way iron helps in carrying oxygen to the body tissues. 
Completing the nutrient needs of the body helps to feel fresh and supports you by providing energy needs.

5.  Quality sleep

Rest is a must when your entire day is packed with work and you cannot afford to get exhausted. 

Have you noticed that the next day you feel drowsy and tired the entire day when you attend the late-night parties? that's because our body works the most when we are sleeping. It is at that time that our body heals and repair itself. Therefore, when we get quality sleep, we feel fresh and energized the next day. Whereas, if we get distracted by checking mobiles, tv at night, we disturb our sleep pattern and we lack getting the required hours of sleep at night and its impact can be seen on us.

6. Avoid things that waste your energy

Stress or overthinking is one of the things that consume our energy on thoughts that are not beneficial to us.
Stress makes us worry about things that are not sure to happen for real. We end up spending our time, energy. 
Stressing on issues that are irrelevant often makes is get tired and bored. This often leads to getting exhausted.

7. Make weekend special

Making weekends special by meeting friends or spending quality time with your close ones can make you feel better. 

Call your close friends for a drink or small party and you will see your excitement levels going high. You would feel better, fresh, and energetic and it will help you get rid of tiredness and exhaustion.

Sharing about what so ever happening in your life with people whom you trust can help you to get relaxed from thoughts that were overburdened on your mind.

Arranging for a picnic, visiting new places, doing something adventurous can help you to gain your enthusiasm back.

We often get bored of the same routine that we follow. Hence, having a day that is filled with joy can make you feel fresh.

8. Have chocolates

Chocolate is one of the favorite food of every people irrespective of their age and gender. But how having chocolates can make you feel fresh and get over exhaustion?
Chocolates are made from the beans of cocoa. 
Chocolate contains a compound that is linked to triggers Phenylethylamine - a brain chemical that impacts mood, makes people energized, positive and makes them feel happy. 
Chocolate also contains caffeine, which helps you to be awake and alert. 

Consuming chocolate when you're tired will help to elevate your mood and energize you to get back to the work.

9. Take a nap

How to feel less tired

When nothing helps, Naping works like a magic in every situation. If you're sad, take a nap. If you're getting bored, sleep for some time. Not well? take rest. 
When you feel fatigued and tired that you are totally exhausted, it is a signal from your body that it needs to be rested. 
Taking a nap even for 15 minutes will help you feel fresh. Napping improves your productivity and keeps you alert by getting you relaxed, reducing fatigue, increasing attentiveness, and enhancing mood. 

10. Contact Doctor

Though feeling tired and exhausted is common but sometimes regular exhaustion can be a sign of something serious. The underlying disease can be a reason you feel tired and exhausted. 
When none of the solutions works for you and you feel you're getting weak or just getting "not well" vibes, don't hesitate to meet the doctor and share your problem with them. 
The doctor may prescribe medications or if required, will request you to do tests for further escalations that will help you to understand the real cause.

The bottom line

You always try to get energy when tired but sometimes nothing works because you misunderstand the signal from your body. 

Most of the time you forget that it is living life the way you wanted to live is what makes life beautiful and helps you to keep excited and happy. But when you get bored of your own life and you're just living a robotic kind of life, the frequency of you getting tired or exhausted is much higher. In such situations, try making changes in your routine. 
Try doing things that interest you more. You'll most likely notice an increase in energy levels, allowing you to feel less tired in your daily life.

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