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World Cancer Day 2021 - What Can You Do On This Day?

World Cancer Day 2021

Every year World Cancer Day is celebrated on February 4 to target misinformation, create awareness and reduce stigma about cancer. It also aims at reducing illness and cancer deaths by prevention, early detection, and treatment. Also, it targets the misinformation. 

The least you can do on this World Cancer Day is to spread awareness about Cancer. You can also support the cause by sharing the link to this article on social media with the hashtag - #WorldCancerDay and #IAmAndIWill. You could also share it on WhatsApp and Facebook Groups so more and more people get involved in sharing awareness. 

Awareness helps in the early detection of many cancers. Early detection can increase the chances of survival and it's more likely to be treated successfully.

Want To Get Successful In life? Avoid Doing This Mistakes

How to get success

Everyone among us must have spent some moments wondering about how to succeed? 

14 Multiplayer Games You Can Play With Your Friends Online

There are so many reasons these days that we cannot meet our friends and play with them. As we cannot physically hang out with our friends, playing online games is the second-best option. 

Online Games

Today the distance does not matter. Here you can find the best multiplayer games to play with friends online or with your loved ones right from the mobile. Most of the games we listed here do not require downloading. These are online games you can play with friends over the internet or even we have listed online games to play with friends on different computers.

Searching For Blog Post Ideas? Try This New Blogger Feature

If you always struggle to find blog post ideas to write the articles then there is good news. Blogger has implemented a new feature called 'Ideas'. 

New Blogger Interface

I have been using this feature since October 2020. Blogger Ideas will itself suggests new blog post ideas. It suggests the topics that people are searching for and till now have not found any answer to their search query. 

10 Secret Tips To Study Success For Students

It is said that student life is one of the best life that everyone enjoys in their childhood. Though it may be correct to some extent seeing the situation of today's student's life, it has become one of the stressful phases of life.

Get Success as a student

I remember me being a student, our school/college days were totally different than how the life of today's students is. 

There has been a huge difference between how today's education is and how it was 10 years back when I was a student.

For today's students, the need is to become more oriented towards their studies since it influences how their career will be. 

10 Healthy Foods You Can Buy At Incredibly Low Cost

Over the years, Researchers have proven that consuming healthy food in the daily diet can decrease the risk of getting life-threatening diseases. So, making your diet filled with foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins can create a hugely beneficial impact on health and fitness.

Top 10 Healthiest Foods

But which food to include? Since many of the healthy foods are costly and as a common man, consuming them on daily basis can empty your pocket. 

30 Best Motivational Bollywood Songs To Keep Your Josh High

I bet there won't be a single person who doesn't like music. In every state of our mind, whether happy, emotional, sad, hurt, romantic, or feeling lonely, it is music that gives relief to us. It helps to make our mind calm and peaceful. 

We can say that music has a power source that connects to our hearts. In short, it's like when we don't find words to express our feelings, it is music that helps to bring out our feelings.

Motivational songs in hindi

But what about motivation? 

3 Success Secrets of Jeff Bezos - Amazon Founder CEO You Never Knew

I believe that the fastest and most effective way to grow your business is to follow the strategies that successful people have used when they were struggling to get success and relate it to what you are trying to achieve. This will not only motivate you but also show new ways of looking at life. 

So today we're going to look at how a man who born to a teenage mother turned his love and passion for computer science to build an online 'Billion Dollar Plus' business. This is a story of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos who is in news for making a donation of $10 billion to help fight climate change and is said to be the biggest donation recorded in 2020. 

Jeff Bezos

Source: Los Angeles Air Force Base Space and Missile System Center, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Also, we are going to find out the top three lessons you can learn from his success. 

Savitribai Phule - Inspiring Story Of The Revolutionary You Should Know

Today we live in a modern world where we see women are treated equally to men. Also, we see women getting equal opportunities in society as men. When a woman receives a supportive gesture from society, it proves a woman's capabilities are not less than a man's, and if given any supportive situation, women can prove more successful. 

Equal right to education irrespective of what caste you belong to. Numerous schemes that are funded by the government for females, It shows that women are getting empowered and are getting stronger in terms of gender equality which is very important for women and their sustainability.

Savitribai Phule

Being a woman from India and seeing how the opportunities for women are getting developed in my country, I can't thank enough the lady who fought for freedom and equal gender right. She's none other than Savitribai Phule. Since it's her birthday today on 3rd January, I thought why not take this as an opportunity and write a few words about her for the remarkable reform she brought to Indian society.