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How Many Words Should A Blog Post Have? [Updated 2021]

The most important question that every blogger has in their mind is: 

How long should a blog post be in 2021?

How long should a blog be? - It was a question for me as well. As a beginner who is starting out to explore the world of possibilities in blogging.


As usual, I went to ask Google by doing a search. I found articles saying the words should not be less than 300 words and the ideal length should be around 2100 plus words.

Does the blog post really have to be that long? 

7 Ways To Avoid Distractions You Will Want To Know

How often in a day have you paused because you were distracted while doing some task? If you're at work, maybe a colleague came to your desk to chat a bit, or if you're studying, friends chatting in a WhatsApp group? or maybe your friend sent you a video that you can't resist seeing or the updates on Facebook.  
Distraction is common and is everywhere. A working person can get distracted while working as well as students face distraction while studying. 


So, how to avoid distractions and stay focused? Almost in every person's mind, this question must have come across. Distraction is hard to avoid until and unless you mastered over them. So, how you can get rid of them?

5 Ways You Can Use The Law Of Attraction To Achieve Your Dreams

In Modern Philosophy, the new thought called "The Law Of Attraction" has become one of the famous concepts of which everyone is aware.


The Law of Attraction is the concept that says, positive or negative ideas bring positive or negative experiences into the life of an individual. Everything in the universe is energy moving and vibrating or its own frequencies. 

Just as how positive thoughts can give positive results, the same way, if someone is overwhelmed with unhappiness, loneliness, feeling sorry for self, being full of self-doubt or negativity in mind it leads to killing confidence and passion towards the bright life. This resulting in getting life more towards the negative side. This is how The Law Of Attract works.

How To Make Successful Career in Sales?

For any company, Sales is the most crucial department that plays a major role. Imagine if salespeople were not there, who would have promoted or sold the products and services that are manufactured and provided by the company.

Though many say that, a career in sales is very risky, but it's always in demand. If you'll check any job portal, it is for sales that will have the major number of vacancies.

There are many people who have made a successful career in sales. And if you'll ask them why they chose a career in sales? Probably they will say it is their interest in meeting with new people and communicating that attracted them to enter in sales.

Apart from this, for people who are making a good career in sales, there are these 3 most important qualities of a salesperson or characteristics of a salesperson that helped them to brighten their work in sales. 

Effective Tips To Build Strong Self Discipline

Many a time it happens that even after having perfect planning, some plans don't work and we keep wondering what went wrong.

Importance of Self Discipline

Lack of self-discipline is what most of the time affects our dreams and it is what keeps us away from success. 

Self-discipline is the most used skill that everyone should have hold of. No matter what your goals are, you most certainly have to work in order to achieve them. The absence of self-discipline leads to procrastination and thereby affecting the interest you put in any work.

The more we strive to improve self-discipline skills, it will help us to stick to our goals and achieve them. It is important to learn these 5 rules that are going to help when we are getting self-discipline.

How To Easily Solve Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku game is a puzzle consisting of a 9 by 9 grid of squares on aboard. There is a total of 81 squares on the board. A 9 by 9 grid is broken down into smaller groups of cells called blocks of 3 by 3, which is 3 rows and 3 columns each. It can be played by anyone. It is a great game for kids too.


Let's get one thing straight about Sudoku. It is not how we use numbers to fill in the spaces. The numbers are just symbols. Any nine sets of symbols can be used instead of numbers. But as it is convenient, numbers are used. 

There are a couple of tricks which you can use to solve it easily within a few minutes. We will discuss them so you don't have to put extra effort into solving them.

Trick Yourself To Make Exercise A Habit With These Tips

Are you one of them who keep forcing yourself to exercise? And keep wondering how to make exercise a habit. Exercising every day is a good habit that comes with tremendous health benefits. 


Use CRM To Get Happy Customers

With increasing competition in market, businesses are really facing tough challenges. This leaves many entrepreneurs worrying about the growth of their businesses. One of the problem that faced by many companies is to save up the all data of customers. This does affect business at worse.
To help with this situation, modern technology has contributed in helping businesses to to adopt hassle free processes and thereby increase their profit. One of the most popular technology weapon is the CRM software. CRM or Customer relationship is important in running a business successfully. (CRM) is the application of technology, that helps to collect details about customer's need and behavior in order to develop stronger relationships with them.

Reasons why CRM has become must have for businesses:

Want To Get Rich? Follow These Guaranteed Rules

It's every persons wish to get rich and enjoy the life without any worry. Money is must to live a life that you always imagined.

Rich Man

To get rich, it is not so easy except if you have got a millionaire property from your parents. If you are working hard to get rich, you'll need to follow rules that can help you. You just need to know the right steps to take right steps that can begin the journey to your rich life. Here are some of the disciplines or you can say, this are the ways to get rich that are drawn from the life of popular entrepreneurs that really helped them to get rich quick without much efforts.