Is Multi-Level Marketing (MLMs) A Legal Business Or A Scam?

More than a decade ago, multi-level marketing was somewhat good. But today they are just pyramid schemes. 

Multi Level Marketing

What is MultiLevel Marketing exactly?

Multi-Level Marketing is a strategy to sell products or services by recruiting a network of distributors.
the existing recruiters are given a commission based on the number of new recruits or sales those new recruits make.

Improve Your Personality: How To Be A Good Listener

Apart from being a good communicator the other important skill to have is to be a good listener. Improving one's personality has a positive impact on his/her life and career. Unless you have good listening skills it's almost impossible to improve the personality. 


How to become a better listener? How to develop this listening skill? 

Improve Your Personality: Manage Emotions And Body Language

How many times have you tried to speak before an audience and they weren't interested? Do you know why you don't get applause after your office presentation? Well, all of us know why it's because we don't make an attempt to understand the non-verbal signs that people give.

Body language - Open Arms

One of the steps to improving the personality is to understand your emotions and those of others. If you understand your emotions then it is very easy to control them. Similarly, by understanding other's emotions, you know what the other person likes, what are his/her interests. 

How To Embed PowerPoint Presentation On Webpage

Many a time there is a requirement to embed PowerPoint presentation to Webpage. You can embed the presentation by uploading it to a host like Onedrive or Google Drive. Today, I will show how this can be done using Google drive.

Presentation on web page

Follow the below steps to embed the presentation:

1. Upload the Powerpoint Presentation to Google Drive.

How To Improve Your Personality With Interpersonal Skills

Your personality is what makes you unique and different from others. They include your thoughts, values, behaviors, and feelings. Your personality is what attracts other people to you through your deeds and words. It is the foundation that helps you to achieve success in your personal and professional life. You could develop your personality if you have a goal in mind to improve yourself in life. Think about improving yourself one step at a time each day and you will see yourself improving over a period of time.

Improve Your Personality

Among other skills, interpersonal personals skills contribute most to improving your personality. It is also said that 85% of our success is attributed to the use of interpersonal skills. If you use your interpersonal skills while communicating with people in your personal or professional can bring you success.







Tech Skills

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