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7 Simple And Effective Tips To Lose Weight

Like me there are many people who tried to be on diet to lose weight. But all effort goes in vain when we find that no matter how much we try hard, losing weight is not that easy.


Expert says, dieting alone can not give us positive benefits, until and unless we don't add up the things which can create a favourable benefits and dieting can work advantageous for you. Here are some of the tricks that can help you when you are on diet and there by lose weight.

1. Eat small meals 6 times a day

Eating throughout the day is proven to be the healthy way to eat rather than eating 3 big meals. Small meals influences metabolism. 
When we eat large 3 meals in a day, we consume more calories than required and rest of the day we are left without eating anything, leading to drop in blood sugar and making us to have extra food in order to fulfill our cravings and this leads to weight gain. Instead, when we eat small portion of food at regular interval, we consume limited calories required. This helps in keeping blood sugar level stable. Also, helps you to keep control on the calories that you intake.
In short, an average human need to eat food of about 2000 calories per day. Eating frequent small meals leads to divide those 2000 calories in entire day and not consume extra calories. 

2. Physical activity

Daily exercise is important part of our life. To keep our body fit and healthy. But not all of us get time to exercise or go for a walk due to their busy schedule. 
Doing household chores without getting help of maid is proved to reduce weight.
There are many work like mopping floor, scrubbing bathroom, washing utensils or clothes that actually stresses your body and thereby burn extra calories.
Doing household chores can actually help you in weight loss regime. And performing household work always gives peace and happiness to the mind. Try this trick, you won't be disappointed.

3. Keep your legs busy

Walking 60 minutes a day is said to be beneficial not only in losing weight but it also helps in lowering blood pressure and strengthens bones.
If you can't walk it together for 1 hour, you can divide 60 minutes into 3 times and walk for 20 minutes each time. By doing so, you won't get tired and you will be completing 1 hour daily walk. 
Avoid taking elevators, instead use staircase.
Climbing stairs is not just beneficial for weight loss but also helps in reducing health related diseases. In short, you tend to burn more calories while climbing upward movement and thereby lose weight.

4. Keep a watch on food

Calories makes a huge difference on our body. Consuming food more than required can actually make us to gain weight.
To avoid this, keep watch on the food that you consume. Preferably, avoid consuming food from restaurants or hotels because they are always filled with calories. In order to make food tasty, they do add a lot of oil, sugar and many other high calorie ingredients. Instead, prepare a food at home. Avoid adding too much of oil. There are many low calorie food recipes available on YouTube. Try them out. 

5. Follow diet plan

To make your weight losing efforts effective, it is important to follow a thorough diet plan.
Studies shows that low carb food causes weight loss. There are different types of diet plans that are available online. Depending upon exactly how much weight you want to loose, you can follow particular diet plan.
If you don't trust online information, you can consult dietician and follow his/ her instructions.

6. Drink water to lose weight

Studies have shown that increased water consumption leads to weight loss. Drinking water before meal makes our stomach full and we tend to eat less. Also, when we drink a lot of water, it acts as a means to detoxify our body. It helps to remove all the toxic substances from our body and pass it out as urine or feces. 
Drinking water increases the calories that are burned. Drinking cold water can also end up burning extra calories. Since, our body uses extra calories to make water warm upto our body temperature.
Apart from this, consuming juice or other beverages may add up more calories. Instead, make sugar free lime water and consume it to satisfy your cravings for a drink and it is healthy option too.

7. Avoid being wake up till late night

Since the world have modernized and as technology has come into our life, more importance is given to the work and career. We actually have forgotten that our body needs time for relaxation. We work tirelessly like a machine and all this creates an effect on our body.
We attend late night parties, sometimes work over time or study till late night. In short, our daily activities doesn't let our body to get sufficient 8 hours sleep.
The time we dedicate to sleep is used to repair and heal the cells and tissues. This helps us feel fresh next day morning. But when we doesn't give enough time to sleep, our brain releases stress hormone that makes us feel irritated and tired. And we eat more food when we get stressed. 

Research shows, the last dinner that we eat should be before 7 p.m. and three to four hours before we go to bed. But when we are awake till late hours, our appetite increases, making us eat more food. Hence, getting a quality long hour sleep is also an important part to be focused on.

Weight loss

As diseases related to obesity are on rise, many people wants to know the shortcut to lose weight. Losing weight is not an overnight magic. It will require a lot of dedication to follow a right way that can show effective result. Having patience is equally important as that is what makes you keep going without getting demotivated. 
Many advertisements are displayed on TV that claim to help to lose weight. None of them can be trusted blindly as most of them are said to be a scam and investing money on them can get you in loss. In such a situation, focus should be on losing the weight naturally. After all, it's your body and it's you who can understand your body better than rest. Daily exercise is important to lose weight but some of the above mentioned tips can help you to lose weight without concentrating more on exercise.

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