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6 Strategies To Find A Right Job On LinkedIn

If you're looking to find a new job or want to increase your connections that can benefit you professionally? Then it's a must join LinkedIn.

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In today's professional world, LinkedIn is seen as one of the popular tools for job search. There are already more than 500 million people who have joined from all over the world.
LinkedIn’s professional network allows active job seekers to showcase their skills and qualification to international companies and recruiters. LinkedIn assists you in seeking relevant jobs that suit your expertise and qualifications. Using LinkedIn to find a job can create high chances for you to get your dream job since almost all companies are using LinkedIn for hiring purposes.

Here are 6 strategies that will help you to easily get a job through LinkedIn.

1. Join LinkedIn groups

Every industry has its own unique groups and each one is going to have groups that are better for job seekers. Joining groups related to your industry is the strongest way to improve your ability, to find a new job, and increase contact with recruiters who can help you to get the job of your choice. As a LinkedIn member, you can join a maximum of 50 groups. These groups can help and guide you on job search. The groups can be used for discussion, updates in general, networking, questions and answers, and so forth.
To explore groups that might interest you, - Click the Work icon in the top right of your LinkedIn homepage and select Groups from the menu that appears. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Search.

2. Use relevant keywords

When finding the right candidate for the job vacancy, recruiters mention the set of skills that are must to be eligible to apply. Including those keywords can increase your chances of getting shortlisted. Keywords help recruiters to find profiles quickly when they search for potential candidates.
If you want to get highlighted to recruiters, you need to maximize your use of relevant keywords on your profile. Equally, it is important to mention those keywords in your resume too.

Where to use keywords on LinkedIn?

There are many people who are unaware of using keywords on LinkedIn. You can use keywords into your Headline, About/Summary, Job Title, Job Description, and Skills/Endorsements sections. Use it when you will be adding the context narrating about your experience. An online search on google can help you to get the relevant keywords suggestions that you can use or add on LinkedIn.
They will have a greater impact on increasing your ranking among other users for the same terms. Even if you don’t understand SEO concepts, remember that adding more content to your profile nearly always results in more recruiters seeing your profile.

3. Make connections

Making good numbers of connections can help in expanding your network. This will help to increase the reach of your profile. This can help your profile to get matched to the potential job opportunities.
Also, expanding your connections can help you to get participated in a conversation on the post, and thereby it will help to make your profile get attention from people.

4. Recommendation

The recommendation section of a LinkedIn page plays an important role. Many companies recruiters visit your LinkedIn profile to confirm the testimony you mentioned in the resume. Therefore, this may be the only personalized recommendation that recruiters will see from you. A recommendation from a former employer or co-worker on LinkedIn holds a lot of weight. Hence, if you have your current or ex-colleague in your connections, request them to write about you under the recommendation section. In short, recommendations are messages that are published on LinkedIn pages from other users who have decided to attest to your professional skills and abilities.

5. Upload a professional photo

Your profile picture is an essential element of your presence at LinkedIn. This makes a huge difference in your profile. Unlike other social media sites, uploading informal photos won't give a good impression of your profile. Instead, get a photo that matches your profession. Avoid adding selfies as the profile photo. Upload a photo that shows your face clearly. Also, it is equally important to keep them updating regularly. This will show to your connections and visitors that you are an active user on LinkedIn.

6. Contacting company recruiters

LinkedIn does give facility to its users to message privately to their connections. This is indeed one of the best sources to directly get in touch with the company recruiter and share your resume with them. This definitely will increase your chances of getting a job if the requirement is perfectly matching with your profile.

LinkedIn is a good source for finding the right job. There are many features that LinkedIn has provided to its users which can make their job-seeking experience better. Above mentioned are some of them. Use these tips to search a job on LinkedIn.

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