Your Success Depends On How You Choose Your Friends

You Can't Hang Around With Negative People And Expect Positivity in Life

The people you mix around with every day will determine your life. Doesn't Agree? It's true.
Community influences our thoughts and our thoughts determine our perspective towards our career and future.

A human never wants to be alone. They always want to be in a social group. Many a time it happens that we just follow what our friends do. When we get into a problem or get confused in any matter, we do consider the opinions of friends often more important than those of other people. We trust the judgments of others easily. When everyone else is participating in something we tend to think it's the smart thing to do. Even many times students do take admission to a certain college because his friend took admission in it or the subjects that even don't interest them but they opt for it since their friend chose.

If you spend a great time along with your friends, your mood is bound to improve. It really gives a pleasant feeling when you have a group of people who cares for you. Your friends should cheer for you and be interested in your life. It’s important because the opinion of your friends affects your well being. Good friends will motivate you and support your dreams.

If your friends aren’t motivating and supporting you, they’re not real friends. They simply don’t care about your path and chances are there that they might mislead you in life too.

Why we wish to be along in a group instead of being alone?

Good and bad behavior can spread from person to person and nobody is completely safe from it. What we are today is the result of the type of people we chose in our life. We get a good feeling when we see ourselves in a group that has many people. If we find a place for ourselves in a social group, we feel like I am like how every other person is. I don't have to change my behavior. The more we get such thoughts, the more firmly we start believing that what other people do is totally okay.
People who surround you have a bigger impact on your behavior than you might have thought at first. After all, they shape your opinion about what you perceive to be normal.

If you surround yourself with people who are striving for success or striving to reach their goals some of that motivation and ambition will eventually rub on to you. Likewise, if you surround yourself with people that have bad habits, they will eventually drag it down and you'll pick up those same behaviors. This is why it's important to be mindful of the people you surround yourself with. They can be the reason for your success or failure in your life.

Bottom Line

However, that doesn't mean you should cut ties with everyone who doesn't fit your standards. Just limit your exposure to them instead of trying to spend more time with people who support you, who bring out the best in you and lift you up. If you don't know anyone who shares your ambitions, don't worry. While you search for a different group to join, I suggest you surround yourself with some good reading material - read books, blogs, or watch inspiring videos. While your friends influence your behavior, you must not forget that your behavior influences that of people around you.
So if you want people close to you to have more self-control and better habits, you need to set an example for them. Improve yourself to a degree that makes people around you motivated and ambitious. This way you can feed off each other's success and propel each other forward lift others up and in return, they will do the same.

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