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Bring Your Ideas To Life - How to Turn Ideas Into Action?

We all have good ideas in our minds. Innovative ideas that can be appreciable and if brought into reality, they can bring us success. But most of the time we don’t inculcate ideas in reality and innovative ideas remain dormant because most among us don’t take them seriously and many feel it’s difficult.

Why it’s difficult to put ideas into action? 

Ideas are easy to create. It just needs creative thinking. But it’s difficult to put them into action because the main problem lies with the mindset. Many people get successful because of their innovative ideas. For example – Mark Zuckerberg. It was his idea about creating a social site that can bring people all over the world together. He tried and failed many times but finally, he got succeeded. It's his idea that brought him success. All this proves that, if you are passionate enough to invent your ideas, no one can stop you.

There are 3 main reasons which stop us from taking our ideas seriously. 

1. Not taking risk

Many a times situation comes where we meet a stranger and we want to say hello, but at the back of our mind, we get thought that what if that person didn’t entertain us or what if that person gets negative thinking about us? And we feel, it’s better to shut up and we lose an opportunity to make a new contact thinking about the consequences and possibilities that haven’t yet emerged. The same happens with our ideas. Instead of taking an action on our ideas, we keep on thinking so much about it that we end up doing nothing. That’s because we don’t want to take the risk. Our fear stops us from taking action.

2. Fear of Success 

We all have fear of failure. But many people have fear of success too. People who have this phobia, they think about how will be the situation after they get succeeded. How their family, friends will react to him. This kind of fear is mostly held by the people who are shy or don't get comfortable with limelight. They feel after getting succeeded people will start recognizing them. In short, they don't think about the attempts they will have to make before getting succeeded. They think directly about the success so much that they feel it's difficult for them to handle success resulting in stopping themselves from turning their ideas into reality.

3. Distraction 

Distraction can stop anyone from achieving success. Here's how. When we have a good idea in our mind and we think about acting on it. But there are many things in our life that distract us from achieving our goal. We give more important time to the things that cannot bring any positive gain for us. For example - spending too much time on social sites, watching TV, playing games on mobile and we waste our important time that if had used properly would have been productive. And even if we try to avoid those distractions like keeping our data off or deactivating our social sites, somewhere our inner feelings and forces us to turn the data on and check the mobile or login social sites and we can't help but following those urge and end up wasting our time on those unproductive things and delay our plan to act on our ideas. We keep on delaying so much that our idea never gets to see the reality. 

How we can take action on our ideas? 

1. Prioritize 

It's always important to analyze the idea and believe that your ideas have the potential to make a difference and can contribute positively to society. Prioritize things in your life. Avoid doing things that will just waste your time. It's always difficult to avoid bad habits that have already taken place in daily routine. Realize that everyone has 24 hours a day and if you want to do something different, you'll have to change your daily routine.
Concentrate on being productive. When you emphasize productivity, you'll realize how much time you wasted on the things that don't matter. If you are addicted to being online for hours on social media, try to deactivate your account. Keep your mobile away from your sight. Keep reminding yourself that you have many things to do. Try to involve your brain in productive work. Nothing happens overnight. Patience is important. Try doing this for a day. Make small changes that are easy to adopt. Inculcate good habits in your life.

2. Handle Criticism

Many scientists or personalities who tried doing something different in life have gone through initial criticism. So, if you have fear of people who will laugh at you or won't understand your idea. Don't expect people to understand you. Because they cannot see your idea which is inside your mind. It's your vision. Fix it in your mind that if people laugh at your idea, that's okay. Have faith and don't let your self-confidence get down.

3. Get Started 

Jeremy Bruner, an American Psychologist said, "You are more likely to act yourself into feeling than to feel yourself into action". It means, doesn't think that I will start once I'll feel ready to start it. Instead, start taking action now and you will see how you get positive and energetic to make it happen. Because once you get started you will start moving forward.

Bottom Line: We all have limited time with us. We all are about to die one day. So, recognize the importance of time and start taking initiatives. Success takes time. No first attempt turns into success. Sometimes we see failure too. That doesn't mean we should stop trying. Keep improving until you succeed. I believe that we all have the power to change our world and advanced technology has made many of our tasks easy. We can make better use of technology to bring our ideas into action.

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