Coronavirus: Why Its So Dangerous And How To Stay Safe


The recent pandemic has spread in almost all countries with cases doubling within days. This virus is the severe acute respiratory syndrome that causes the disease called COVID-19 that everyone simply calls coronavirus.

What happens when it infects a human and what we all can do?

Success Story Of Mary Kom And Her Struggle

Success comes when you work hard towards your goal avoiding the obstacles. When somebody has so many problems in life that feel like giving up and yet keep the struggle alive, Success comes and makes them a legend. And then they don't just achieve their goal but also become an inspiration for many others. One of such is Mary Kom. She is the first woman who has won World Amateur Boxing champion six times in a line and eight world championship medals.

Mary Kom`s real name is Mangte Chungneijang. She was born in 1983 in a poor family in Kangathei village, Churachandpur district in Manipur. She is the eldest daughter of Shri M Tonpa Kom and Smt M Akham Kom. She grew up with three siblings Chung, Nei, and Jang, and taking care of them when her parents were going for work in the field. Her interest in sports was since childhood. She completed her S.S.C.E from the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and graduated from Churachandpur College.

How Mary Kom decided to become a boxer?

Make Hand Sanitizer At Home With These Easy Steps

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic continues to spread, there is enormous demand for Sanitizers. It is selling at price more than 500 bucks a bottle which is quite unreasonable. Many people are now making Sanitizers at home by searching the steps on the Internet.

If you are thinking of making Sanitizer at home then, let me tell you it is very easy. The next thing to buy is alcohol, Aloe vera Gel, and Essential oils before they too vanish off the shelves.

Is the Hand Sanitizer going to protect you from definitively getting sick?

5 Ways To Reduce Stress and Enjoy Life

Our life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands. It is our dissatisfaction with our best performance in the daily demands of our work and life events that hurt us the most. Result?  It leads to stress. Stress has become a normal and natural part of human life.

Stress can be a motivator but most of the time it is prone to create negative effects on our physical and mental health. When stress becomes long-term and is not properly addressed, it can lead to serious mental health issues. Hence it is important to manage the stress level.

Linking to Bookmark in Word Document Saved on SharePoint

Can you imagine a scenario where you want to direct someone to a particular place on Word Document which is saved on SharePoint?

I hope you turned blank. We must have encountered this situation in our work.  There is a feature in Word called 'Bookmark' which we can use. But do you know how to use this feature with Word Document saved on SharePoint?

All About Corona Virus And Important Tips To Be Safe

Coronavirus has spread to almost all parts of the world except Antarctica. The virus has infected almost 156,000 people from more than 75 countries and killed at least 6,610 to date.
Highly affected countries have put restrictions on the movement of people and even shutting down the major cities.

Where does Coronavirus come from?

How To Write Cover Letter To Impress Recruiter

cover letter

Cover letters are important. Its main function is to serve as a letter with in-depth details mentioned in the resume. When drafting the content in your cover letter, it's critical that you keep it concise and preferably typed. Do not use xeroxed or carbon copy letters.

You should always attach a cover letter with a resume, unless the job advertisement clearly says it's not relevant.

Why cover letter is important?

10 Best Marketing Platforms for Instagram Influencers

Instagram is one of the best platforms for sharing photos and videos. Since it's launch in 2010 it has grown exponentially. It has around 1 billion users. More than 60 million images are posted every day.

There’s also a large number of influencers who have a huge number of followers and many more are starting up. There are ample opportunities to grow on Instagram and earn money. Many marketing platforms also exist to help users to engage with the brands to run campaigns on their profiles.

Instagram Marketing is growing rapidly and you've probably heard about the benefits of word-of-mount marketing. Maybe you're just curious to learn what are the platforms and tools available to help you. If so, you're in the right place! Here are some of the best ones if you are looking to monetize your Instagram profile and follower base by being an influencer.

Bring Your Ideas To Life - How to Turn Ideas Into Action?

We all have good ideas in our minds. Innovative ideas that can be appreciable and if brought into reality, they can bring us success. But most of the time we don’t inculcate ideas in reality and innovative ideas remain dormant because most among us don’t take them seriously and many feel it’s difficult.

Why it’s difficult to put ideas into action? 

5 Lessons From The Struggle Of Bill Gates You Didn't Know

Bill gates idea

Bill Gates is always recognized as a self-made Millionaire in the world. With a great enthusiasm towards business, without wasting time he worked towards achieving his goal. Equally, he has a passion for helping others. Gates is a living inspiration for all those entrepreneurs who want to settle for something bigger in their life.

Gates's ideology is worth adopting and inculcating in real life.  Here are 5 of his greatest lessons on life and leadership which can help any person who wants to settle for more.

Success Story of Bill Gates And How He Changed World?

Bill Gates, one of the most influential people who didn't just become a billionaire at the age of 31 but also, best-known as the entrepreneur of the personal computer revolution. There is hardly anyone who has not heard of Microsoft. Microsoft has always been one of the top technology companies in the world. It has brought a change in software technology for the better.

Bill Gates

Here's How You Can Avoid Sleeping At Work

Some situations are unavoidable in life. Falling asleep on the office desk is one of them. Feeling sleepy at work is pretty normal and most of the people have experienced this. I also had this problem in my previous job but the actual problem grew when it started affecting my work.
If you are like me finding it difficult to control and are looking for a solution to avoid sleepiness at work then this article is for you. Read on to know further.

Modern advances led us to adopt a sedentary lifestyle. This lifestyle may have turned beneficial to us but it cannot be denied that it does have negatively impacted our health. We are living an inactive stressful life. We always think about the increasing competition and how can we always be ahead. In short, we all have made our life so much busy that we hardly get time to spend on ourselves. Do you think a sedentary lifestyle has any connection with the drowsiness we feel at work?

Do You Have These 8 Qualities Of A Successful Leader?

There are always two choices in life. 
1 - Run away from the responsibilities and live a modest life or 
2- Learn to face the problem and take up the charge. 

Leadership skills are an important component of humans that help enabling better decision making, better planning, and cooperation. In today's fast-moving world, leadership skills are not only essential for people who are working at the senior level. But they are important for every common people like you and me who want to make their life best. Good

Why Do Some People Don't Get Sleep At Night?


Quality sleep is important for the healthy function of the brain, emotional, and physical body well-being. Good sleep does help in fat loss, being physically active, and keeps mood good and fresh all day. However, due to fast stressful life. Most people nowadays are sleep-deprived this leads to tiredness, low productivity, and even negative impact on hormonal balance.
Below I have given a list of sleeping habits that we follow in general. 

If you are one of those who sleep 8 hours daily but still feels exhausted and tired throughout the day. Then you should definitely read this. It is possible that these people might be unintentionally following wrong sleeping habits.

7 Commonly asked Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

An interview is the most stressful step in job searching. Questions asked during an interview can make candidates go blank.

Interview questions are a kind of tool used by the interviewer to understand the candidate and determine his suitability for the job. Every interviewer has a set of questions that will help them to judge the self-confidence, behavioral qualities towards interviewers, knowledge depth, and the level of awareness of the candidate.

How to prepare for the interview 







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