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What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Too Much Sugar?

It is important to get educated about the food products that we consume in our daily life. Their effects can negatively impact our body more than we could ever think.
Food products like cake, pastries, waffles, chocolates and even sweet beverages are favorite of people from all generations. There are some better natural alternatives to refined sugar which are equally sweet and has amazing health benefits.

People consume refined sugar on daily basis. It is not just unhealthy but also addictive. Scientist have found that, refined sugar can be 8 times more addictive than cocaine.  Many researchers believe that, refined sugar increases diabetic risk by triggering abnormal insulin production in pancreas. Over consumption of sugar can cause serious problems like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and skin problems. 
Sugar from the natural fruits are not problematic to our body, as they contain fiber and vitamins. They are digested and absorbed more slowly and less likely to cause blood sugar spikes.

Why we crave for sugar?

When we eat sugar products, our brain releases dopamine chemical which makes us feel good. And as we start having more sugar products for our pleasure, we get addicted to it and it becomes almost impossible to avoid sugar.

If you are one of them who cannot imagine your diet without sweet food and are health conscious. You can check out our another article in which we have given 5 best natural foods that can help in replacing refined sugar and the best part is, they are equally sweet like refined sugar and with more health benefits.

What effects we will have on our body after dropping refined sugar from our diet? 

Reducing or cutting down sugar intake is one of the important step towards healthy diet. According to reports of World Health Organization (WHO) normal consumption of added sugar per day should be between 25 - 38 grams.

Reducing sugar in diet allows body to naturally detoxify system and improves health. According to studies when people quit eating sugar, they describe symptoms of withdrawal and have similar effects like when people get off drugs. They find irresistible to stay away from sugar cravings.

Sugar-free lifestyle can give amazing health benefits like :

1. Changes in mood 

Refined sugar spikes blood sugar giving the boost in mood. And when insulin is released into cells this results in making  us weak, hungry and moody. This impacts brain function.
Cutting down sugar from diet and adding foods that are nutritious providing stable energy levels that keeps us more energetic, resilient to stress and improves mood.

2. Improved Blood Pressure and heart rate 

Sugar that doesn't get used as energy converts into fatty acid that becomes triglycerides, fat or cholesterol (lipid) that circulates in blood.
High level of triglycerides contributes to formation of plaque in artery walls causing Atherosclerosis which in turn can cause high blood pressure and increase chances of getting heart attack and stroke. 
Moderate exercise and cutting down consuming foods that are made from refined sugar, white flour and carbohydrates can help in decreasing triglycerides and thereby help in lowering blood pressure and keeping heart healthy.

3. Avoid insulin spikes and prevent diabetes

As we eat foods that are high in sugar, our blood sugar rises and pancrea releases a hormone called insulin and thereby causing spikes. Avoiding sugar helps in preventing blood sugar spikes thereby prevent getting diabetes.

4. Weight loss

Foods high in sugar tend to be higher in calories without any nutritional benefits. Sugar encourages fat storage. Once the glucose level decreases, it tends to make us hungry, resulting in eating more than required. This leads in storing fat near waistlines and increase weight.
Consumption of foods that are high in fiber and protein keeps body feeling full and thereby decreasing calorie intake and allowing reduction in excess weight.

5. Improved skin

According to skin specialist, sugar molecules bind and deform collegen and elastin in our skin. This leads to aging and wrinkles. Giving up on sugar helps in reducing glucose and lowering chronic inflammation which helps in slowing the aging and keep skin tighten and wrinkle free.

If you are inspired to cut down added sugar from your diet and concentrate more on healthy living then these tips can help you :

1. We are individuals with different brain chemistry and everyone has different level to consider as addiction. So, to cut down sugar intake it is very important to understand our body limits. 
Our body gives us warning signals when something gets messed up with our normal health. Understanding this signals will help you to cut down sugar intake gradually.

2. Avoid having canned soft drinks. They are more worse than anything. A large number of studies found that, sugar sweetened beverages contain 39 grams of sugar which is considered as higher than even recommended sugar intake per day for humans. It increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 13%. If you crave for drink, you can have lemonade without adding sugar. This will help in reducing sugar intake.

3. Focus on having balanced meals to keep blood sugar level steady. Eat meals that combine protein, fiber and healthy fats. Eating more protein and fat has been shown reducing appetite and cravings.
Try to have home made food, this will help you to keep a watch on sugar intake and consuming ingredients which are low in sugar. 

4. Avoid having packaged foods. Candies, chocobars, ice creams and even waffles are packed with high sugar. Other packaged food do contain sugar in ingredients list.
It is always advisable to check out the nutritional fact before purchasing the packaged food or best - avoid it altogether. Instead you can buy dry fruits which can satisfy your cravings for munching.

Giving up sugar is one of the best decision anyone can take. But it is not easy and require willpower to chose a sugar free diet. Seek the advice of your doctor before starting any new dietary regimen. He may be able to advice a suitable diet according to your health requirements.

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