How to maintain a healthy relationship?

How to maintain a healthy relationship?

Answer: Give Your Relationship the Attention it Deserves.
The answer is not that simple. It takes a lot of effort to do this. What are those challenges and how to overcome them? Let's find it out...
It all begins with having the intention to be great. I don't know it sounds so simple, but you meet so many people who jump into a relationship. They are is so excited, too. To find their girlfriend, their boyfriend, to get married and they're so excited about it. And then after some time, what happens is they get caught in a routine. They get to know the person better they develop habits and responses and all of the sudden they stop seeing the magic in the person they met with and they start to die. 
So the challenge is this if you want to have a great relationship your intention must be to be great to make the other person feel great and to Build a great life together. 

So what can we do about it?

There are three very powerful intentions that if you had in your relationship, no matter what that relationship is, like now, it will improve. Even if you already have an extraordinary relationship a little more of these three things will improve and fire up that relationship.


People want to feel true attention and this is a major challenge today. A lot of people cannot be in a conversation and connect anymore. They can't even keep their eyes on each other and pay attention to each other without like looking around. 
It is important to give attention to the person you love. by doing that you are completely enveloping them with energetic presence and engage in meaningful conversation. the moment that connects, you will stand out from everybody else and your partner will feel you again. 
 Can you do it? Go for a walk without your phone and have a conversation together with no phone no distraction. Just have a moment together. 

You have to have the intention to give an extraordinary amount of attention to the people that you love.


We constantly crave positive appreciation from our partners. 

A lot of people try to show appreciation with the gift, but they never show it to the other person's humanity. And once you appreciate it, then you realize it's not just showing us an appreciation for what he or she does for you. It's showing appreciation for being who that person is. Appreciation is key to any relationship. Appreciating makes them feel good about what they do and that it makes a difference in their lives. It makes them feel better about themselves, urging them to go on with strengthening your relationship. It is someone's totality as a human being by truly feeling and sensing them and showering with compliments.


You have to adore your partner. The key is to love your partner the way they are right now. If you don't adore the person that you are with right now, you have to re-summon that up. You have to look for things in them. Admiring your partner's opinion will create a healthy bond between your relationship and that will help to make your relation stronger and grow. And there will be an energetic change in the relationship.  
Also, admiring your partner will make your partner realize how much they are important to you. Showing real adoration is showing support. It's about wanting to support their bigger life goals or bigger dreams. When you truly adore somebody you want so desperately to see them happy and passionate.

Personally and publicly when you do these three things, you'll notice a different level of engagement in that relationship and everything will change because your partner will feel adored, appreciated and that feels like you're giving them attention and you will have a positive change in your relationship and life.

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